Developed e-commerce website based on WordPress/WooCommerce for Instituted SEO across WordPress, WooCommerce, and all content. Integrated Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.

Implemented Social Media integration including Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Adverts Manager. Instituted mass emailing campaigns and re-marketing campaigns. Instituted linking, inbound and outbound marketing strategy. Checked and approved metadata for

Checked and approved metadata for website. Implemented animated videos with voiceovers/music and multi-platform marketing campaigns. Defined selling strategy. Defined pricing strategy.

Defined Online Budget. Created bundled products. Instituted Click & Collect marketing, increased online geography internationally, instituted international delivery systems. Increased website e-commerce performance by 247% in two months, reduced bounce rate from 64.95% to 8.79%, increased website sessions by 39%.