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In all the time I have known and worked with DigitalSmith, they demonstrated an amazing ability to think outside the box and come up with online campaign strategies that have demonstrated an intense imagination and a true love of his work.

DigitalSmith revealed a thorough understanding of online marketing in all in facets, advertising campaigns across all online marketing channels and an excellent knowledge of WordPress as a CRM and e-commerce platform.

They also demonstrated a deep knowledge and understanding of online marketing strategy, budgeting, online pricing & product strategies.

DigitalSmith consists of people with a wonderful sense of humour, coupled with a vision and direction for online marketing that takes his customers from strength to strength.

DigitaSmith is, without doubt, one of the best online marketers I have had the pleasure to work with in my career, and I wholeheartedly endorse them.”

Beatty Lee

Country Manager, P2Life (Pty) Ltd.

“Having worked closely with DigitalSmith, I know them to be people who take pride in what they produce, and they see the quality of what they deliver as a reflection of themselves. The marketing material and content DigitalSmith compiled in the time they were with ViaData was of a highly professional standard and, in particular, the website design they oversaw, resulted in a definite increase in web-sourced inquiries.

DigitalSmith consists of self-motivated and technically competent people, who are also very comfortable as part of a team. They bring a cheerful air to the room, even when life could dictate otherwise.

Above all, DigitalSmith is a company of integrity that has a heart of compassion for people, with a genuine interest in the well-being of their peers.”

Alister Main

Operations Director, ViaData

“I worked with DigitalSmith as a business partner in the redesign, re-writing and implementation of Viadata’s website as part of an overall restructuring of the company’s marketing plan.

I found that DigitalSmith had a comprehensive view of the entire project and were able to articulate what was required from Mammoth Solutions comprehensively and constructively. They monitored every detail of the website design and provided input as needed, and maintained the project within time and on budget.

DigitalSmith were easy to work with and were an essential “glue” to the overall success of the project. I recommend them for both their marketing/Internet knowledge and their ability to work well with disparate companies and people.”

Clair Minaar

Managing Director, Mammoth Solutions

“DigitalSmith has worked for iTopia in the areas of research, blogging, Facebook and lead generation. They have shown themselves to be consistent in their work, always available for consultation and a pleasure to work with.

DigitalSmith’s blogs focused on new technology as applied to the retail industry in South Africa and abroad. Their research ranged from retail, technology futures and digital practise to the economies of Africa, and their Facebook involvement produced a valued uptick in interest of our website. They also researched a surfeit of digital leads that hold great promise for our push into the digital space in South Africa.

Their sense of humour and willingness to take on whatever was given to them will be greatly missed. We will make use of DigitalSmith’s consultation services should the need arise again in the future, and we wish them the very best as they take their company to greater heights…”

Kurt Samson

CEO, iTopia

“We brought DigitalSmith on board with a previous client at a time when their online strategy and content needed some serious cleaning up.

I was greatly impressed with their drive and varied digital skill set. DigitalSmith really know their stuff when it comes to digital marketing. They are very good at out-of-the box thinking, and are creative and reliable, with a keen eye for detail.

I highly recommend working with them.”

Anthea May

Owner, Antheamay.com, SEO Strategist

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