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Founded in 2007, DigitalSmith has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the Information Technology and Communications sector. We now have almost two decades of online marketing experience and have implemented many technology solutions that have increased the productivity and revenue of our clients.

We recognise a gap in the market for individuals and small and medium businesses to access the enormous potential of the Internet using their infrastructure, augmented with bespoke services provided by DigitalSmith based on our many years of knowledge and experience.

We have helped individuals and SMBs leverage their current investment in information technology as much as possible, providing both professional maintenance service for their current I.T. equipment and a measured and studied, tailored road map to increase their use of technology and the Internet to their best possible advantage.

We aim to enable people and organisations to leverage the mass of information available on the Internet and combine that data logically with their knowledge and experience to provide actionable intelligence that can be utilise₫ in real-time to gain a competitive advantage in their market or provide services based on current business conditions.

DigitalSmith has provided our clients with practical advice, insight, and strategies to maximise their current technology investment, emphasising value that can be leveraged to their best advantage. We help our customers become self-sufficient or provide a complete bureau of online technology support services. Our clients’ testimonials speak for themselves.

Please note that we do not undertake work of an adult nature or online gambling.

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